Reliable income from indie brands — with the tools to ‘wow’ them.

Access new business from hundreds of indie brands looking to develop their next clean product, and streamline how you build high quality products for them using Novi's regulatory, formulation, and procurement tools.
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Indie brands perfect for partners like you

Build a reliable income stream from hundreds of pre-vetted indie brands looking for formulators and manufacturers to help them develop clean, transparent products. Novi experts will help you profile your business, match you to brands who fit your model, and manage indie brand project overhead.

Transparent ingredient profiles, all the way to the source

Develop products from Novi’s extensive research library of tens of thousands of raw materials from our preferred supplier network — with up-to-date ingredient profiles and claims verification — so you can spend your time formulating, not digging through documentation.

Procurement designed to grow with you

Whether you’re running one line or ten, procuring through Novi gives you the clear availability, lead times, and at-scale pricing that helps you keep your lines running and your customers happy.

“What Novi is doing is a gamer-changer! There is no other platform or tool that allows brands to create in such a groundbreaking way. People, the world really, are demanding higher transparency, sustainability and trust from their products. This is the future, and Novi is on the forefront of meeting this demand.”

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