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Together with our employees, customers, partners and society, we are actively and holistically committed to sustainable development.


As a foundation-owned company, it is our clear goal to contribute to a sustainable future in which ecological, social and economic aspects are always in harmony with each other.


We always think and act in three dimensions, because the three aspects of people, planet and performance are equally important and mutually dependent.

We Are a Foundation-Owned Company

CHT Group stands out for many reasons, but one aspect is unique – it is foundation-owned, a clever set-up designed by the late founder to make sure that all earnings remain within the company and that the focus is not just on profits but on social aspects as well.

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The charitable Reinhold-Beitlich Foundation promotes:

Social commitment for children and young adults
Science and research in the field of chemistry
Research projects on renewable raw materials
Environment and nature protection



Only with us you will find a team of experts along with the stuff and auxiliary specialists for the entire textile chain.

Bezema Colour Solutions: Complete range of dyestuffs, dyeing auxiliaries and printing auxiliaries for all textile substrates, fastness demands and procedures.
Textile Auxiliary Solutions: Innovative system of textile auxiliaries and technologies for the pre-treatment, finishing, coating, fibre treatment and printing.
Textile Care Solutions: Complete range with innovative products for all areas of modern textile care as well as compact and high-performance dosing technology.


Chemical additives and auxiliaries, comprehensive silicone-based solutions for various industries and application fields:

Paper Solutions | Paper, pulp and laminate
Material Solutions | Silicone elastomers for bonding, encapsulation, mould making, injection moulding and many more
Consumer Care Solutions | Body care and cosmetics, home care and car care
Leather Solutions | Leather wet finish and leather finishing
General Industrial Solutions | Raw materials for formulators, release agents, lubricants
Paints & Coatings Solutions | Paints, coatings, architectural paints, printing inks
Mineral Building Solutions | Concrete, mortar, textile-reinforced concrete
Recycling Solutions | Plastics recycling
Agricultural Solutions | Plant protection, fertilisation, irrigation, soil treatment
Mining Solutions | Mining of mineral resources


As a service partner, we offer you consulting and individual, tailor-made support around technology, research, analysis and more, so that you can reach your result as fast as possible:

Brand & Retail Services
Customer Service
Product Safety
Technical Services
Chemical & Environmental Analytics
Research & Development

CHT Group manufactures customized Crosspolymers, Aminosiloxanes, Emulsions, Quats, Waxes, Polyether Siloxanes, Antifoams, and Blends for the Personal Care Industry. Our extensive product line can emulsify, protect, repair, provide shine, and moisturize while adding a luxurious feel to your formulation.

Our innovative global expertise and distribution network provide timely product and project turnaround and accommodates low minimum order quantities.

Climate Positive

We are reducing our emissions in line with our verified SBT and working to deliver carbon saving in-use benefits throughout our supply chain.

a tractor in the grain field
Land Positive

We are applying our technologies, reach and in-house expertise toward a mutually beneficial relationship between Croda and nature for a thriving planet.

People Positive

Developing solutions to improve health and wellbeing for society through our customers, promoting diversity in our business and delivering social impact.


We specialize in plant-based oils and fats, the value-adding ingredients in many products people love to consume.

We make these products better tasting, healthier, and more sustainable.

SeaBalance® 2000
Derived from sargassum
1 kg MOQ
An UPCYCLED emulsifier made from SEAWEED

SeaBalance® is a game-changing multi-functional emulsifier for cosmetic formulators. This all-natural, upcycled emulsifier delivers a silicon-like skin feel with exceptional performance in a wide range of personal care applications. Not only does SeaBalance® emulsify, it has been proven to have a moisturizing effect.

Meets standards for
conscious beauty logo
+ 24 more
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The Future of Plant-based is Seaweed

The world’s most regenerative and adaptive plant-based resource.


tons of Sargassum collected in 2023


Meters of beaches served daily


100% derived from renewable feedstock


beachfront resorts services in 2023

The journey....

Grupo Ensol, our team of beach cleanup experts, conducts coastal cleaning and remediation of Sargassum seaweed in Quintana Roo, Mexico. We only collect Sargassum on-shore or nearshore to avoid hurting ocean wildlife in the process. We divert as much Sargassum as possible from landfills and bring it back to our facilities to be upcycled.


We bring the seaweed back to our processing facility where we select only the freshest Sargassum for SeaBalance®. After thorough rinsing and quality control steps, we then refine the cleaned Sargassum into components that can be stored and used in our advanced biomaterial products.

Impact on people

This all-natural, upcycled emulsifier delivers a silicon-like skin feel in a wide range of personal care applications. SeaBalance® is non-irritating, non-sensitizing, and non-allergenic.

Impact on planet

Our products reduce methane emissions and restore ocean health while reducing the use of fossil fuels and synthetics. It’s a win win.

Sustainability Impact

Sargassum, a seaweed that once grew in an isolated part of the Atlantic Ocean, has started to bloom out of control and overwhelm beach ecosystems across the Caribbean. It accumulates on beach ecosystems and decomposes which releases methane gas into our atmosphere, leeches heavy metals into the groundwater, hurts tourism, and blocks sea turtle babies from reaching the ocean.

Carbonwave transforms Sargassum into valuable materials, harnessing the potential of this abundant seaweed while mitigating climate change and protecting our environment.

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The root cause of aging is the depletion of growth factors (i.e. FGF-2) on our skin.

Replenishing these endogenous proteins topically is a burgeoning trend with lots of press coverage.

Traditional ways to produce growth factors have ethical issues or are carbon intensive.

We produce growth factors in the seeds of Camelina sativa and fuse the proteins to Oleosomes - Mother Nature’s lipid reservoir.

peauforia™, a fusion of FGF-2 with Oleosomes, has been clinically proven to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

522% improvement over placebo after 28 days (statistically significant)

peauforia™ has also been clinically proven to reduce melanin in areas of hyperpigmentation

246% improvement over placebo after 28 days (statistically significant)

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Watch Tony Abboud, Head of Cosmetics, describe this exciting technology, clinically proven to address the 4 Primary Signs of Aging


We specialize in plant-based oils and fats, the value-adding ingredients in many products people love to consume.

We make these products better tasting, healthier, and more sustainable.