Our Mission

Novi Connect was born from a simple yet transformative idea: to bring together data science, advanced technology, and our deep commitment to transparency to create a world with better products for both people and the planet.

We knew the desire was there.

Brands want to gain visibility into their raw materials and packaging. Retailers have tried for years to develop cohesive standards around their offerings and to be certain that brands meet them. Suppliers and manufacturers are navigating ever-changing regulatory policies.

All the while, consumers are becoming savvier and increasingly discerning, demanding beauty products that align with their values. We agree — everyone deserves to know what they’re really using on their hair, face, and body.cies, while striving to create innovative ingredients and formulas that are cleaner and more sustainable than ever before.

How Novi Connects

Our journey hasn’t been easy, but we’ve worked tirelessly to build a platform that would encourage and enable every participant in the supply chain to do better.

Novi gets your clean and sustainable products from raw materials to retailer shelves — all in record time. We do this by working with top retailers, such as Sephora, Ulta, and Credo (with whom we have exclusive contracts), to fully and properly establish their standards. Novi then ensures that brands meet those standards at the ingredient, formulation, and company levels. We flag anything that does not comply, and offer guidance to cleaner, more sustainable alternatives.

Bottom line: Novi fosters the access and transparency that allows brands to build better products — while enabling retailers and consumers to feel confident that their claims are accurate and credible.

Get to Know Novi

We’re a female-founded company helmed by a diverse team of data scientists, chemists, technologists, and retail experts. We’re also veterans, ex-rangers, running enthusiasts, plane-flying welders, sustainability obsessives, and hobby farmers bringing together experience from companies like Beautycounter, Eventbrite, Target and more.

Above all, we’re passionate about and dedicated to creating a product that will change the way you develop yours.
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