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Transparent products are our future. Novi makes it faster and easier to launch yours.

At Novi, we believe that brands need full visibility into their raw materials data in order to bring transparent products to consumers. Novi is the first technology-driven network solution that provides fast and easy access to raw ingredient data.

Brands and Manufacturers use Novi to develop new products or reformulate existing ones to meet ever-changing regulatory policies, retailer requirements or their own unique sourcing and sustainability standards.

Suppliers join Novi to support transparent product development, highlight innovative ingredients, and increase discoverability.

Retailers trust Novi to help brands seamlessly adhere to their ingredient policies.

Founded by technologists and consumer product experts, Novi's diverse, global team is revolutionizing the way products are developed through the democratization of data.

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Kimberly Shenk
Kimberly Shenk
Co-Founder & CEO, Novi

In 2017 I co-founded a company to help women shop for better, more transparent beauty products – and I learned first hand how difficult it was to get any information about the raw materials going into our products. I never knew that most brands lack ingredient transparency. So I started Novi to transform the way products are developed and enable access to data. My life's work in tech and data science (ex Eventbrite, US Air Force and MIT) has come to life in Novi. By working with us, you'll not only see outsized returns for your company, you'll help us change the consumer goods industry forever.


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