Develop clean, transparent products — on your terms.

From marketing claims and regulatory checks, to supply chain transparency, to sustainable packaging and formula ownership, Novi gives you the access and tools you need to translate your brand ethos into product reality, exactly the way you envision.
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Transparency that starts at the source

Vet your existing formulas or design a new one by tapping into Novi’s extensive supplier data with ingredient profiles of 10s of 1000s of raw materials, so we can confidently guarantee over 100+ claims — all the way to the source.

Designed for brands, trusted by retailers

For major partners like Credo, Sephora, Grove, and Follain, Novi is the only platform trusted to be their source of truth beyond their public RSL. For brands, this means no surprises and more time on shelves.

Sustainability that’s not just for the big guys

Whether you’re looking for a clean formulator, a transparent manufacturer, or sustainable packaging, a lot of doors can feel closed when you’re producing less than 5,000 units. At Novi, we open them for you, so nothing gets in the way of designing a product that’s great for your brand — and the planet.

Most of Credo’s brand partners are indie, with small teams, so navigating suppliers’ ‘green’ claims, on top of the higher cost of materials and high MOQs, can be really challenging. Novi is a win-win-win solution--for suppliers, brands and retailers, and most importantly for the planet.

As an individual and bootstrapped brand offering an innovative solution, working with Novi was the ideal relationship. Novi is really doing the work to help brands create clean, sustainable products and packaging.

Novi is a game-changer in getting more sustainable products into the hands of our clients. The Novi platform has aggregated data to provide the best options for clean, sustainable ingredients and packaging for brands.

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