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Croda is a full beauty solutions provider, helping brands with ingredient selection, formulation development and claims substantiation.

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Low MOQs

Croda exclusively partners with Novi to offer small packs on top products.

Transparent Data

Access up-to-date ingredient documentation, pricing, and lead times.

Over 1,000 ingredients that meet top retailer’s clean and sustainable standards

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Since 1925 we have been the name behind sustainable, high-performance ingredients and technologies in some of the world’s most successful brands: creating, making and selling speciality chemicals that are relied on by industries and consumers everywhere.

We are a FTSE 100 company with over 6,100 passionate and innovative employees, working across manufacturing sites and offices around the world with a shared Purpose to use Smart science to improve lives™. As part of this Purpose, and with around two thirds of our organic raw materials already from bio-based sources, we have committed to be the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients, becoming Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030.

Climate Positive

We are reducing our emissions in line with our verified SBT and working to deliver carbon saving in-use benefits throughout our supply chain.

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Land Positive

We are applying our technologies, reach and in-house expertise toward a mutually beneficial relationship between Croda and nature for a thriving planet.

People Positive

Developing solutions to improve health and wellbeing for society through our customers, promoting diversity in our business and delivering social impact.

Other Services

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Get matched to a Croda-loving CM

Looking for a new CM?  Request to get matched with a trusted CM experienced in making great products with Croda materials

Starter formulas

Croda has an extensive library of starter formulas that brands can leverage, at no cost, to bring their new products to market.

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Custom R&D

Brands can apply for custom R&D work by Croda's team.  Depending on the intended PO size, custom R&D is often at no cost to the brand.