Agilex Creates Iconic Scents For Great Brands

Regulatory Leadership

Trusted Partner, Trusted Products.
Agilex regulatory and compliance experts ensure that your products meet retailer standards for clean and transparent fragrances.

Fragrance Creation

Love for All, Fragrance for All.
The Agilex custom fragrance collection offers Essential Oils, Naturals, Masking Fragrances & INCI designations - among many other innovations.

Quality Manufacturing

You Dream, We Make.
Immediate sample fulfillment, shortest industry lead times, and best-in-class manufacturing means we do the hard work for you.


When you need the very  best fragrances for your new products, Agilex  offers the perfect solution. Our creative teams, talented chemists, and regulatory experts create scents that are both beautiful and compliant. Our Novi Collection is there for new product development while our custom approach helps when reformulation is a must for your existing products. Our agility + excellence means that we're not just better, we're faster!