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February 22, 2024
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Get on board, brands: Sorette to soothe mothers’ worries

Motherhood is challenging enough without the crippling confusion of knowing what products are safe for you and your growing baby. Enter Sorette.

Soon Sorette x Novi will have exciting news to share, and in anticipation of this announcement, we sat down with Sorette’s founder Lanning Ardente.

Welcome Lanning.

Thank you, I’m happy to be here!

What exactly is Sorette?

Sorette is a shop designed to connect mothers and pregnant women with safer and trusted products that ensure a positive and confident experience during pregnancy and motherhood. It was founded out of the necessity to navigate the complexities of product safety during pregnancy. Sorette stands as a beacon of trust, offering meticulously selected products that meet our highest standards of safety and quality. It's more than a brand, it's a mission to provide peace of mind and support through every stage of motherhood, making it easier for mothers to make informed choices without the overwhelming research.

What was the impetus for Sorette?

The impetus for Sorette stemmed from my personal frustrations and experiences during my motherhood journey. Particularly, the overwhelming and often conflicting information surrounding product safety during pregnancy. With a background in the highly regulated food and beverage industry, I recognized the lack of clear, empowering guidance in personal care products for women from preconception to postpartum. This realization led to the creation of Sorette. Women needed a trusted haven when seeking safer options during the most precious stages of life.

Why is it called Sorette, what is the meaning behind the name?

Sorette is inspired by the French word "sœurette," meaning "little sister." The name embodies the idea of an older, wiser, big sister or mentor figure that pregnant women and new mothers can turn to for guidance and support during this transformative time in their lives. Sorette aims to be helpful, trustworthy, compassionate, and non-judgmental, filling the role of a "big sis" without the pressure. Always cheering on and sharing knowledge for the health and safety of mothers and their babies.

What are some examples of Sorette requirements that aren’t monitored by other clean beauty programs?

There are some ingredients, while generally safe for women who are not attempting to conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding, that may pose risks or potential hazards for those who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding. Retinol/retinoids, for instance, is a good example.

Who are some squeaky clean brands you admire?

I’ve been loving Dr. Rogers, Bathing Culture, Oliver Care, and Versine to name a few!

Speaking of brands, how can a brand apply to be in the Sorette marketplace?

If you are interested in submitting your brand to Sorette, please email All submissions must include complete ingredient listings and product details for each SKU in your assortment in order to be considered.

I know we care about pregnancy standards, but in your words why should brands care about being Sorette Certified?

Brands should value being Sorette Certified because modern mothers prioritize making well-informed decisions for their families' wellbeing. This particular demographic, comprised of women who are considering pregnancy, currently pregnant, or nursing, actively seeks out safer alternatives to traditional personal care products. They are open to discovering new products and are less sensitive to price points. Being Sorette Certified allows consumers to easily make choices while in this life stage. Achieving Sorette’s seal of approval signifies that a brand values the full spectrum of a woman's life stages. This certification positions the brand within an exciting market of both existing and new consumers who are seeking higher safety and quality standards, offering a significant competitive advantage.

Let’s talk more about your personal experience. What relationship did you have with personal products during your pregnancy?

Pregnancy felt like an emotional whirlwind, filled with countless decisions and a steep learning curve, particularly in selecting personal care products that promised safety without compromising on effectiveness. Like so many women out there, I was navigating through a maze of scant, reliable info and endless product aisles. Fast forward two years and a second pregnancy later, my patience wore thin. That's when I vowed to simplify this overwhelming experience for moms everywhere, making it my mission to lighten their load so they can feel more present, positive, and confident during their motherhood journey.

We’re so glad you made that vow. Thank you for creating Sorette, a shop and certification that aligns perfectly with Novi’s vision: a world of better products for healthier people and planet.

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