March 25, 2024
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Root your community in doing good

Evelyn Wiseman

Evelyn has been helping big and small brands build dedicated communities for 15+ years.

As a beauty brand, growth and reputation are paramount, and there is neither without an engaged community. A core group of customers who share your values and champion you through word of mouth. This kind of true community does not rally solely around a lipstick shade or an SPF texture. The magic lies in your reputation, what you stand for and your authenticity. Your clean and sustainability efforts move people, the impact-led extra work you do makes customers proud to be part of your community. Center your work here.

You can’t be everything to everyone

It’s often tempting to be too many things at once, and beauty brands are no different. Green, clean, conscious, sustainable, cause donors, and the list goes on. These are all noble pursuits, but without care and focus on what really matters to you and your brand, you lessen your impact, and you’re less likely to get noticed.

As you continue to hone your brand’s values and mission, we find it helpful to imagine the legacy you will leave behind. Find what matters most and then double down. Double down on keeping your promise to yourself, your brand and your community. 

Hungary’s Eminence Organics is a wonderful example of an established brand that keeps it clean, and continues to grow their impact areas, but stay firmly rooted in their initial cause. Tree puns intended, since Eminence plants one tree per product sold with their Forests for the Future program. The goals you share with your community don’t have to be lofty, they can just be simple, clear promises. Pipette is a clean skincare brand that knows who they are and delights their community. They make baby-safe products that are desirable for the whole family, and their active and growing community adores them.

Bring your community into the fold

Once you know what matters to your beauty brand, we suggest temperature checking it with your community often. Start sharing your journey in your content and make sure your client base understands the good you’re doing. Try simple social media polls to make sure your products and promises matter to them. Take the time to gut check your impact-led story is resonating, and tweak for your core customers accordingly. 

Even the most innovative tech companies go old school with customer feedback, because it works. Follow your sales reports and get your best customers on a call and ask what they like about what you’re doing! Equally importantly, ask them what you could be doing better. The more they care, the more they share. 

As you center the good you’re doing for your products, people and the planet be sure to continue to measure your repeat customers. Here lies the proof of your impact. The more repeat purchasers, the more you mean to your community.

Authenticity matters

Unfortunately, Greenwashing and trauma profiting do happen in the beauty industry. Be authentic about what you’re doing to leave the world a better place, and be transparent about the work. Trust us, your community wants to know, and will take pride in being a brand evangelist if you’re open about your impact levels. 

The founder of Evio Beauty, Brandi Leifso is a paragon in the beauty industry for creating real community change, here is what she has to say on authenticity and advocacy: 

“Evio's mission is at our core, born from a desire to create real change starting from my experience in a women’s shelter. We're among the first beauty brands to focus on making a difference through education, contributions, and policy advocacy, not just donations. This genuine commitment to societal change resonates with those who share our vision.

When I started Evio in 2012, blending ethical concerns with business was unusual, often met with skepticism. Yet, today's consumers seek out brands that align with their values, understanding that it's possible to support both profit and purpose. Our challenge was to connect our mission with our products in a way that also drives sales. By 2023, we found our groove by focusing on the science of stress and its impact on skin and community health.

We're thrilled that, with [Evio’s] community and partners, we've donated over $550,000 to 27 organizations and advocated for policies that could support over 215,000 employees. This work not only aids those in need but also advances economic justice in communities affected by stress and domestic violence. 

It's not marketing to us, it's about making change in society. When your passion is rooted in personal experience like the one I had, it radiates authenticity. This naturally attracts a tribe of like-minded individuals, united by a shared vision and common goals.”


In this case, the ABCs are Always Be Crafting. Not only crafting and sharing your authentic vision and goals to galvanize your community, but also crafting your products. As you grow and continuously craft and formulate, keep your products within your impact goals. Keep challenging yourself with your impact capabilities in your chosen area. Whether it’s making reef safe sunscreen, or 90% recycled packaging, a free Novi Connect account can help. 

In Novi’s exclusive marketplace we connect you with over 20,000 clean ingredients and sustainable packaging options. It’s easy to discover, sample and purchase the parts for your next big, green product. You can also screen all of your ingredients against retailer programs and international policies, to make sure you’re meeting the highest standards for your community.

Building a community around sustainability isn't just about marketing—it's about genuinely caring for your customers and the planet. This genuine care will resonate with your community and fuel long-term growth. According to the Power Novelli Purpose Report 76% of respondents believe companies should have programs that address environmental sustainability, and 32% will start or increase purchasing from companies that share a point of view on environmental sustainability that is aligned with their own views. These are powerful numbers. Beauty trends come and go, but doing good is always in style.

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