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February 18, 2023

New! Novi's Free Offering for Indie-Focused Contract Manufacturers

Over the past three years, Novi has worked with 1,000+ brands and manufacturers to help vet their products against 80+ retailer and regulatory claims. Through this, we’ve heard first-hand the product development challenges brands and manufacturers face, especially in the indie market — from complex and ever evolving retailer requirements to prohibitively large MOQs and long lead times for raw materials. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new e-commerce solution designed especially for contract manufacturers serving the indie market. Top suppliers list, sell, and drop ship thousands of ingredients through Novi, making it easier than ever for R&D and procurement teams to discover, sample, purchase and track raw materials across multiple suppliers, all in one place. 

With Novi, contract manufacturers buy directly from suppliers while leveraging Novi’s premier relationships in order to access competitive prices, real-time lead times, and flexible MOQs so they can offer lower unit costs to brands and help minimize overages. 

Each one of the thousands of materials in Novi’s ingredient library come with full documentation and real-time quote and lead time data, making it easy to find ingredients based on all the dimensions you care about, from meeting a new retailer requirement to turning a project around on a tight timeline. 

All of this is completely free to use for brands and contract manufacturers — just like Novi’s existing tools that help brands, formulators and regulatory teams meet multiple complex regulatory requirements and minimize the hours spent going back and forth over documentation.

We’re offering $1,000 off the first PO for new customers who sign up through the end of February, so head to Novi Connect to sign up and get started.

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